Hey guys! I’m Ben, co-founder of Handle and would love to share with you a few real tips and tricks which have really brought our Twitter marketing to life!

Since identifying Twitter has 330 million active users per month we have identified some simple and quick hacks which will return real results. Our process of planning and execution looks as follows:

Quick hacks? What do we do and what do we achieve?

First and foremost, identify your audience. Yes Twitter has an extremely large user base. However, if you incorrectly identify your Ideal Customer Profile this will simply result in wasted time and effort.

This may be a 5-minute activity or a 40-minute activity but it is well worth performing for planning. 

Here are some real ways that you can use Twitter to get real prospects. I’ve selected these as the best because they are quick, scalable things that you can get into straight away. In later posts I will work on some detailed planning around Twitter prospecting, so watch this space.

1. Follow / unfollow tools

This is a super simple process which is fantastic to help with brand awareness. How does this process what do the steps look like?

Step 1. Identify what accounts on Twitter that you feel the individuals following these accounts could also be interested in your service of product. This may look into the form of competitors, market influencers, other products etc.

Step 2. Head to the Google Chrome store and review which tool can best help you with following / unfollowing.. My personal favourite is:

Tool name: Mass follow for Twitter

Tool URL: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mass-follow-for-twitter/lfmanfkmmgfigbnjibfemdnnfjboficn

Step 3. What can I expect to achieve from this?

This is a very simple activity and by no means will you instantaneously be returned with X amount of leads. This is a brand awareness and engagement activity. You are now bringing light of your product to potential prospects. As and when you now receive follow backs from prospects, these are now slightly more qualified, consider now building a quick outreach process via Twitter. It may look in the form of a quick tweet or DM to the individual.

2. Auto-tweet tools

You can get a tool to auto tweet at or DM user when they follow you. This is another quick win, automated and helps provide immediate engagement. This can be a big big win for you if you get this right and something that flies under the radar!

  • Socialpilot – Social media and marketing scheduling tool
  • Allin1social – A complete social media & management reporting tool
  • Buffer – Social media management platform
  • Hootsuite – The best way to manage social media

3. Exporting Twitter followers

Twitter followers are great. They’re potentially your exact, ideal customer. But. How can you leverage the power of it?

Here are a few quick wins.

Step 1. Again, identify your prospects. This could again be through:

  • Competitors followers
  • Market influencers’ followers
  • Or even if you work with Gmail… Gmail followers
  • Etc, etc, etc,

Step 2. DID YOU KNOW, you can use Twitter API directly to access the followers of a particular account.  For example, if you send the @twitter account into Twitter’s API you will be supplied with

  •  First name
  •  Last name
  •  Associated URL to the follower, this in cases will be a company URL, social profiles

At Handle, we’ve built some smart technologies around doing this in volume and we find the email address based on predictive analysis, so if of interest, get in touch.

The information we are mentioning in the above will be the publicly available info of which the user has associated in the Twitter bio, this data will NOT be perfect. You WILL need to perform some data administration around this.

Step 3. Export your data from Twitter API into a local Excel file, you will now be performing your data administration. This WILL be your time consuming aspect of the hack, think about, do you want to spend your time on this or can it be outsourced? If outsourced, check out sites such as fiverr.

Step 4. Now you need to use the data generated (first name, last name, company etc) and find email addresses from this data. You can use tools such as the below to generate email patterns based on providing information.

BTW, Handle does all of this for you in one go to save the data administration part that you’ll need to get involved in 🙂

Step 5. Send prospect emails.

You now have some awesome data to approach Twitter followers (by email!). Here’s how a sample outreach email may look.

Hey @firstname,

I noticed you were following XYZ on Twitter etc etc etc.

Or even consider, referencing your Twitter follow-unfollow model, notifying them to the fact you have recently followed them etc etc.




I hope the above helps. My most useful tip above, is in taking a Twitter account, identifying the followers, right through to having their emails and performing outreach. All with some really cool, simple tools.

Certainly suggest you give it a try. My name is Ben, I run Handle, you can reach me at ben@prospecthandle.com if you need any help.