Generating leads on LinkedIn, a topic so many delve into but how do can we really achieve results?

We have broken this down, into actionable and easy HACKS in which we have received REAL success:

Firstly, LinkedIn has a HUGE 530 million active users

I have broken down your LinkedIn lead gen process, into the following:

1. How to find email addresses?  

This is something very many of you may be familiar with, but, how successful are you? What do your results look like?

Here is your step by guide to get you moving on the right track:

Identifying your target market

This is massive, I cannot stress enough how important planning and preparation is. if you get this wrong, all of your proceeding efforts could simply result in a waste of time, money and resources. 

Very carefully review who you are looking to target, you can never be too targetted. If you are unsure on which route to go down, you may simply work into your current customer base/competitors customer base or even social media followers. From here you can identify:

  • What industry they are in
  • Job Titles
  • Company sizes
  • Locations

This will be a good starting base for you.

Finding business email addresses

Now you have identified your market, understand how you can aggressively and accurately target these individuals to become potential leads. This may look through the format of an Email prospecting tool. Examples may be, but not limited to:

With the tools above, you can simply procure business email addresses for your target market!

2. Growing your network

Adding connections 

One of the most known activities and I am something we all receive a huge amount of each day…. Individuals blindy sending notification requests to yourself even though you fall completely outside of the said industry and any relavence to them. So, how do you get this right but still stay effiecent?

Use LinkedIn , search functionalities to your advantage, again. Pre-identify your target audience. You may use a very similar breakdown of the above mentioned:

  • Industry
  • Job Titles
  • Company sizes
  • Locations

Now, filter this search through your LinkedIn search functionality:

You can now simply perform 1 of 2 activities from here:

Be VERY hyper-targeted

This will be manually performed, reviewing each contact and understanding if you can bring them value? If yes, a quick connection request sent with a very personal in-mail message, referencing points of value and letting them know you have spent the time to understand who they are and what they do.

Secondly, automated but still targetted

Now, our results fall within our criteria search, so if you have correctly performed your research and your done your due diligence, these should be a fit. You can use tools such as:

Here, simply remember, you are automating in-mail outreach and you will NOT receive as much success as manually, however. You need to understand the return on time and investment for yourself to select your route.

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