I hope you enjoyed last weeks blog, on ‘How to generate leads with Twitter’ and this has brought some value to your current efforts! Following on, I would now love to share with you how to solely focus on finding email addresses through Twitter and touch into the value this can bring you!

This process is now broken into 2 key areas:

  • How to manually perform this activity.
  • How Handle can perform this activity for you.

Now, let’s jump straight in!

How to manually find email addresses from Twitter?

This is a process in which you can find success however it WILL be a time-consuming process and your time spent on activity WILL be lengthy. If this is a process in which you opt for, planning is absolutely key. Your process may now look as follows:

Step 1 – Identifying your prospects

Your SPL (Search Parameter List) is something, you will now be familiar with if you have explored our previous blog! But all we are simply doing is, identifying our target audience. This format will look slightly different however, we are being account based and hyper targetted and not taking a for say, shotgun approach and you may breakdown through the following means:

  • Company – Targetting employees of a particular company
  • Keywords – Users tweeting or engaging with particular phrases
  • Likes/retweets – Users who like or retweet particular posts
  • etc, etc, etc.

Now you have established your market, you will have an idea around volume. Allowing you to plan works and who you are targetting for the coming weeks and months.

Step 2 – Prospect research 

This process will now be on a 1 by 1 basis. You will simply be searching the prospects listed from your SPL and reviewing available information about the said prospect. In some cases, these users will have an associated business email address within there bio. If so, GREAT! Drop this in your SPL and away you go with your outreach.

If this is not the case, further work will need to be done. Make a note on your SPL that no email address has been retrieved via Twitter and consider how you will now go about finding this information.

You will now simply be searching said @profile from your SPL and checking the bio of this account. If we have an email address listed in the bio, drop this into your SPL, if not. Simply make a not on your SPL and you will now need to understand and perform a different activity to find this business email address for your prospect.

Step 3 – Individually interacting with @Twitter users

Continue to work on your previously created SPL, NOW. When you are performing your research on individual prospects and reviewing the bios of the account. When you are NOT being supplied with a business email address within the bio you can now start to build a personal approach to these prospects.

  • Tweet the user to build an initial interaction
  • DM the user to build interaction
  • Has the user got a phone number stated? If so, dial across to the user. Be VERY diligent when doing so, this will act as a cold call and ensure, that you are within the prospects’ business hours. Who wants a call at 3 am in the morning?

Semi-automated tools to finding business email addresses

This is actually a processed which I delved into, in my previous blog – ‘How to generate leads on Twitter’.  However, as a refresher, this is how we perform the activity and yield return on activity:

Step 1 – Identification

Hopefully, you will now start to recognise the phrasing SPL (Search Parameter List). But this time, your planning will differ to your individual account Twitter prospecting. You are now targeting BULK prospects.

Consideration points when planning your SPL:

  • Do you have competitors on Twitter?
  • Market influencers?
  • Tools/companies you service/product can work with?
  • Any given @twitter handle in which you can engage with the followers of.
  • Etc, etc, etc…….

An example SPL may looks as follows:

Step 2 – Finding your business email address

Now, as we know. Twitter has an API in which you can tap into, or simply use another tool to obtain the valued information. The information in which you can find available will be for the users will be:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Bio information, importantly a link in the bio. This will be your insight into the prospect’s company if available
  • @user handle
  • Location

You will now need to MANUALLY review your data and de-clutter the information available. Ensuring all you are left with is the actionable date:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name/company URL

Now, you will import this information into an email finding tool, ones previously stated:

  • Found.ly – The simplest tool for prospecting
  • Hunter –  Find email addresses in seconds
  • Findthatlead  – Find email addresses in seconds

You will now be returned the business email addresses of your prospects!

How can Handle do all of the above for you, but save you the work? 

Handle is a super cool method in which you can efficiently be supplied with the business email addresses of your Twitter prospects in bulk, without doing any of the work! Sounds like magic hey 😉

All we simply ask is that you identify the @twitter handles you wish to engage with. Your process when engaging with Handle:

  • Identify your target audience (remember your SPL)
  • Engage with Handle
  • Receive your business email addresses to aggressively reach your goal! Unsure of how to go about your outreach? Well, here at Handle, we can also assist in your email outreach to your prospects 🙂

Consideration points of the above methods? 

When it now comes to deciding which process is best suited for your prospecting plans, consider below:

  • How much time do you have available? Performing the task yourself will give you a great understanding of how the process is performed and a great insight into the type of results you will receive, but, do you have the time to execute this yourself?
  • Handle, is formed by a team of prospecting experts. The team have 18+years experience between them in sales prospecting and email campaigns.
  • Do you have internal resources to perform the activity? This is a big commitment and getting it right is key! If this is not executed correctly, you may experience a waste of time and effort 🙁
  • Handle, we have an internal team of 12+ staff to take the whole process of your hands.


This is something I would 100% suggest you explore and would love to hear any thoughts you have on this or even any questions that have arisen? You can reach me at ben@prospecthandle.com if you need any help.