Continuing our quick hack trend, for your growth hacking. Next up, is downloading Twitter followers! This can have so so many benefits, many of which, you may have completely overlooked…. As noted in our first blog ‘How to generate leads on Twitter‘, Twitter has a MASSIVE 330 million active users per month! 

Are you taking advantage of this typically untapped market?

Now, How can I download Twitter followers?

This is something, you can simply work with another tool to achieve, or perform yourself if you have a bit of tech know how 😉

Why use a 3rd party tool? 

  • It is quick
  • The team and tool are experts in doing this
  • You simply have to select who you wish to target and your work is done 🙂

Why perform the activity myself?

  • It is FREE $$$
  • You can be extremely cherry picked with the information you want, simply be accessing the Twitter API directly
  • You are not reliant on any other services to get Sh*t done.

Which tools can help? 

You have a long list here, a few options are:

  • Scoutzen – Calm your Twitter streams
  • Handle – Get Twitter prospects
  • ExportTweet – Turn Twitter data into decisions
  • You will find more…..

What data can I expect to receive? 

Different tools will differ slightly in what they will provide for you, as a base you can expect:

  • Twitter ID
  • Bio information
  • Real Name
  • User Name
  • Location
  • URL associated
  • Verified or unverified
  • Volume of followers
  • Volume following
  • Tweets posted
  • Business email addresses – Exclusive to Handle 😉

As noted, different tools will vary slightly in the info they provide to you.

How can I do this myself? 

Well, to start with, you WILL need some developer knowledge… This will involve accessing and working with Twitter API and the best people to direct you on this, will, in fact, be Twitter. I would 100% advise you to check out what the Twitter guide to this.

What information can I now receive? 

The world is to an extent, now your oyster! You can take all of the above information + way way more 🙂

Twitter have broken down sections in access information:

What else could I need? 

Here at Handle, we can perform this full activity for you and provide you with actionable business email addresses! You can reach me, Ben co-founder @ if you would like more information.